What is Languages?

Languages is an offline translation dictionary. That means you can translate words from your favorite languages wherever you go. No internet connection required. This is great for travel abroad and peace of mind at home.

When will you add more languages?

Soon! Let us know which languages you want by emailing feedback@languagesapp.com.

Can I translate phrases?

Because all translations are on the phone itself, we are limited in the amount of phrases we can provide. Most of the languages include hundreds of the most common phrases but we will make phrase translation even better in an update.

Can I use my voice?

Voice input works on devices that support it (iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod Touch Fifth Generation). Just tap the mic button on the keyboard.

How do you switch the primary language?

When you are in a language dictionary, tap the flag icon in the top-right corner to switch the primary language.

Why do some dictionaries have an arrow icon?

To keep make sure Languages doesn't take up too much space on your phone, we don't include all the dictionaries in the initial download. Dictionaries with the arrow are ones you haven't downloaded yet. Tap a dictionary to download it.

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